What sets us apart from the competition? So many things...!

 The Lutech LT-300 SD and LT-300 HD digital video colposcope systems have been trusted worldwide in assisting with the diagnosis of cervical cancer.  Used in hopsitals, clinics, medical universities, telemedicine, assault advocacy programs as well as prosecutor's offices, the LT-300 series colposcopes are built with quality and backed by a 3 year warranty.

The LT-300 HD uses an authentic SONY digital camera for unbeatable crystal clear imaging.  Both colposcopes come with ergonomically designed frame and remote.  Made to last, Lutech stands behind every product.  See for yourself why your peers are choosing the LT-300 series colposcopes by starting your free trial.  Free shipping and free returns.





Lutech uses an authentic SONY digital camera for unbeatable crystal clear imaging.

 ●   The mini LCD viewing screen is designed for comfort and ergonomics.  What does this mean?    

     → No more craning your neck to get a good look.


     → No more taking off your glasses.


     → For facilities with multiple doctors, spend 0 minutes adjusting the         colposcope to your own settings.  


 ●   The LT-300 HD has True HD images, the highest in the market in its class.



Your eyes see the world in vibrant colors.  However, no two pairs of eyes can accurately pick up the same exact hue, tone or value- the three components that make up every color.  That's why the LT-300 series colposcope incorporates a Progressive Green Filter, one that customizes the range of green to optimize clarity for each unique pair of eyes. 




  • Educate students and clinicians: display the exam on a large screen for all your students to see.  Vice versa, see what your students are seeing to easily guide them through the process.

  • Increase patient knowledge: use two display screens to allow the patient the opportunity to see their exam.   Seeing and understanding the illness and symptoms in this way has been shown to increase patient follow ups and adherence to medical treatment advise.

  • Network to EMRs: easily integrate the colposcope with your facility's EMR systems to save pictures and videos of the exams for future reference.




  • Adjustable LED circular lights system that is precisely set to 5000~5500 K color temperature.  When the color temperature is precisely controlled, the resulting image color and quality is optimized.

  • The cool lighting technology prevents heat buildup and provides a more comfortable experience for the patient.




When zoomed very close to the subject, even the tiniest movements can feel massive and create blurring.  That's why the adjustment options for the LT-300 series colposcopes have also been placed on a remote.  Ergonomically placed within easy reach, the user can zoom in and out, adjust the green filter, increase or decrease brightness and much more with the Remote without moving the camera head.  The image stays clear and stable no matter how many buttons are pressed. 

  • Auto focus adjusts on the go as you zoom.  

  • Manual focus allows the user to focus on different layers of depths.  

  • Handheld remote allows the user to control the camera functions with minimal motion transfer.


The LT-300 HD has numerous applications

OBGYN Offices - The LT-300 series colposcopes provide crystal clear imaging with minimal focus time, allowing users to perform a colposcopy up to 50% faster than when using traditional colposcopes.  For offices where multiple users are using the same colposcope, the LT-300 series eliminates the headache that results from the need to adjust the ocular pieces on a traditional colposcope every time users change.

SANE Facilities, Forensics and Prosecutor's Offices - The proper collection of evidence is vital to gaining justice for victims of violent crimes.  The LT-300 series is used in many of these facilities to provide clear documentation of evidence.  The LT-300 SD and LT-300 HD will allow the collection of pictures and video to be attached to any electronic case file system.

Pathology and Dermatology - Using the LT-300 series, pathology departments are able to zoom in and document medical evidence for their reports.  The LT-300 HD high definition camera is with the best medical grade camera made by SONY, allowing the user to zoom into the pores on the skin if needed for examination and documentation of abnormalities.

Telemedicine - The healthcare world is evolving.  Telemedicine has grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years.  The LT-300 series can easily be integrated into any telemedicine system.  Lutech has partnered with several telemedicine corporations to help bring OBGYN into the telemedicine sector. Ask your provider to see if they are integrated with the LT-300 series colposcope system.


And more...


  • 3-pedal foot pedal for hands-free image and video capture.(number of pedals may vary)  
  • Capture videos and/or pictures for future reference.
  • Built in timer for the acetic acid test.


LT-300 SD / LT-300 HD digital video colposcope brochure.

Colposcope Testimonials

LT-300 HD Testimonial

"by far the best and easiest scope to use"

"I have used several colposcopes over the past 5 years, and this is by far the best and easiest scope to use.  It is user friendly, it focuses automatically or you can focus manually. It is lightweight and easily maneuverable versus the other models I have used. It definitely makes the invasive nature of a forensic exam less invasive with the foot pedal and auto focus feature.  I would recommend the lutech colposcope highly for anyone to use".

J.G. – Sexual Assault Nurse, North Carolina

"I can highly recommend the high definition coloposcope to any gynecologist"

"I was able to tell the difference immediately between the standard definition and high definition colposcopes. The resolution of the high def instrument was excellent. I did not see any drawbacks in the design...  I can highly recommend the high definition coloposcope to any gynecologist looking for a high quality reasonably priced instrument."

P. S. - M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

"far superior than the colposcopes that we currently have with all the knobs and arms"

"From an infection control perspective it is far superior  than the colposcopes that we currently have with all the knobs and arms. I have seen the images and they are much cleaner, not as much glare as the conventional system we have."


C.T. - RN, Pennsylvania